Published: Oct 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

New Consumer-Oriented and Operated Plan Selects Leading Care Management Provider to Help Meet CMS Requirements for Improving Outcomes, Reducing Avoidable Costs

Altruista Health, Inc., an innovative provider of care and disease management technology for health plans, providers and coordinated care organizations, has signed an agreement with  Kentucky Health Cooperative, Inc. for Altruista’s GuidingCare care management solution. As one of 24 new health insurance CO-OPs scheduled to begin delivering benefits in January 2014, Kentucky Health Cooperative will leverage the GuidingCare platform and the expertise of Altruista Health to support its efforts to improve health outcomes, reduce avoidable costs and lower the cost of healthcare for residents of Kentucky.

Kentucky Health Cooperative is one of four CO-OPs that have agreed to utilize the GuidingCare system, joining HealthyCT (Connecticut), Consumers’ Choice Health Plan (South Carolina) and Community Health Alliance (Tennessee).

“We are excited to partner with Kentucky Health Cooperative and our other CO-OP clients that opened for business October 1,” said Ashish Kachru, CEO and co-founder of Altruista Health. “We look forward to providing them with not only a world-class technology platform, but with operational guidance to help them achieve key milestones.”

GuidingCare is a patient-centric, Web-based care management system developed specifically for risk bearing organizations such as Health Plans (including Long Term Care plans) and Accountable Care Organizations. GuidingCare includes several modules that support CMS requirements for improving outcomes and reducing costs, including predictive modeling, gaps-in-care analytics, care management, utilization management, appeals & grievances management and role-based portals for providers and member services teams. Additionally, GuidingCare integrates a broad range of clinical content such as health risk assessments, condition assessments, transition of care assessments as well as integrated care plans, enabling CO-OPs to effectively manage the health of their member populations.

About Altruista Health

Altruista Health, Inc. provides patient-centric and customizable population care management solutions for health plans and providers. We develop and deliver software tools, data analytics and support services that help streamline clinical and administrative processes, improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable healthcare costs. Altruista Health clients include commercial and government health payers, health systems and care management organizations. For more information, visit

About Kentucky Health Cooperative

Kentucky Health Cooperative  is a nonprofit, member-governed organization committed to the health and well-being of Kentuckians.  Kentucky Health Cooperative exists to promote community health and well being by engaging the members and providers it serves in the valued delivery of quality coverage for integrated health care services. To learn more, visit