Altruista Health Rolls Out Care Coordination Tool to PCMH and Health Home Providers in Tennessee

Altruista Health, Inc., an innovative provider of care management technology solutions for health plans and care provider organizations, announced today that it has begun rollout of the GuidingCare population health management platform to healthcare providers serving the TennCare population throughout the state of Tennessee. GuidingCare serves as a shared care coordination tool for PCMH and Health Link providers as well as TennCare’s three health plans, and is used to support the State of Tennessee’s Primary Care Transformation strategy.

The GuidingCare™ platform will help PCMH and Health Link providers promote better quality care, improve population health and reduce costs of care within Tennesee’s new payment models. Among they key capabilities GuidingCare provides are alerts to providers on ADT (admit, discharge or transfer) events and potential gaps in care; risk stratification and scoring based on propensity for adverse health events; tracking and reporting on quality measures performance, and other population health functions.

Tennessee’s Primary Care Transformation strategy is part of the state’s Health Care Innovation Initiative, which was launched in early 2013 by Governor Bill Haslam to change the way health care is paid for statewide, focusing on paying for value of health care. The goals are to acknowledge and reward health care providers for delivering high quality and efficient treatments and help maintain patients’ health over time. The initiative has three strategies: primary care transformation, episodes of care, and long-term services and supports. These strategies will bring together providers, employers, major insurance companies, and patients and family members to reform the way health care is paid for and the delivery of care in the state.