The company is led by a team of experienced and dynamic individuals with a passionate commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the evolving health care challenges of our times.

Ashish Kachru
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
David McConney
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Kalchthaler
Chief Financial Officer
Munish Khaneja, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Jenifer Brown, ESQ
General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
Mike McKitterick, RN
Executive Vice President, Clinical Services
Vijay Kalle
Senior Vice President, Product Development
Eric Tryon
Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategic Initiatives 
Tom Joyer
Vice President, Sales
Jean Prater
Vice President, Project Management Organization
Greg Jensen
Vice President, Business Intelligence
Prashantha Sawhney
Vice President, Engineering
Maria Teresa McPhail, MD
Vice President, Client Management & Service Delivery



Ashish Kachru, MS, MBA
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Altruista Health
Ashish Abraham, MD
Co-founder, Altruista Health
Barry Uphoff
Managing Principal, Capricorn Healthcare & Special Opportunities (CHSO)
Shahab Vagefi
Principal, CHSO
Mario Moreno
Director, CHSO
Kevin Brown
Former President and CEO, Casenet LLC