The company is led by a team of experienced and dynamic individuals with a passionate commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the evolving health care challenges of our times.


  • Ashish Kachru, MS, MBA – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • David McConney – Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Kalchthaler – Chief Financial Officer
  • Munish Khaneja, MD – Chief Medical Officer
  • Jenifer Brown, ESQ. – General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Mike McKitterick – Executive Vice President, Clinical Services
  • Vijay Kalle – Senior Vice President, Product Development
  • Eric Tryon – Senior Vice President, Product Management
  • Tom Joyer – Vice President, Sales
  • Jean Prater – Vice President, Project Management Organization
  • Greg Jensen – Vice President, Business Intelligence
  • Ventaka Kiran - Vice President Planning and Delivery
  • Vanisree Manukonda - Vice President, Human Resources
  • Prashanta Sawhney - Vice President, Engineering


  • Ashish Kachru, MS, MBA – Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Altruista Health
  • Ashish Abraham, MD – Co-founder, Altruista Health
  • Barry Uphoff - Managing Principal, Capricorn Healthcare & Special Opportunities (CHSO)
  • Shahab Vagefi - Principal, CHSO
  • Mario Moreno - Director, CHSO
  • Kevin Brown - Former President and CEO, Casenet LLC